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Communication device, Trump, TV news

Have I ever mentioned my communication device is a piece of shit? Yes. Well I will mention it again, it's a piece of shit, fuck my communication device. I spent two hours preparing to chair a meeting and the text to speech function decided not to work. It's still not working. No idea why, oh yeah it's a piece of shit!

I perform fuck all nowadays but I am performing Thursday at Jane's Bar solely to make fun of Donald Trump. Why? Because I can! Donald Trump bashing has become my new hobby. Then again everybody does it and I am kind of sick of mentioning Donald Trump. On the other hand if anybody deserves a comedy set devoted to him it's Donald Trump. I don't find Donald Trump scary, I find people that seriously want him to be president scary. Take away the racism angle, he's a fuck up, he's a tremendous fuck up. He bankrupted casinos! He started a mortgage company just before the housing crash. Let's put someone with that kind of judgment in charge of the most powerful military in the world SAID NO RATIONAL PERSON EVER! If you're a supporter at best you're ignorant, at worst you're a fucking moron or crazy. I hate Hillary Clinton too, but I put her at 2% of setting off a nuclear weapon. Donald Trump is at least 10%. We can't have Trump as US president. Hillary Clinton will probably fuck things up, Donald Trump will definitely fuck things up much more. That being said I'd still vote for Jill Stien, do as I say, not as I hypothetically would do. If he does get in I'd die from laughter, or alternatively nuclear war, whichever comes first. Donald Trump would be George W Bush on steroids. The real question is what wouldn't Donald Trump fuck up in government?

If I seem oddly obsessed with US politics that's because I watch no local news, I mainly watch US based internet shows. If we have any equivalent progressive shows do let me know. Maybe I can start speed listening to the local news once I've properly mastered listening to things 4x normal speed. Local news is awful though, bland boring humourless drones that do not adequately analyze issues. I don't see any reason to bother, it would just give me more things to get pissed off about, I have quite enough.
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This week, Olympics, Tourism software

Busy week, nothing exciting. Meeting Monday, dentist Wednesday. I thought I would be clever and take my computer in to get fixed to save a call out. Unfortunately my computer to TV connection stopped working and I needed a call out. On the bright side I have changed the connection method and reading text on the TV is now clearer. My computer still appears to be randomly freezing, not good!

I watched some of the Olympics at the dentist office. I was actually impressed! Well by the first female gymnist. Turns out there's only so many women doing back flips you can watch before it gets really boring. That number is one.

I plan to finish tourism software this month and work slower on adding virtual reality capabilities to it. Reason is there's actually several different APIs and I have other projects to do. Perhaps I'll be done with virtual reality integration by November.
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Birthday, I hate the Olympics 2016

Friday, I am in Auckland. Auckland airport took ridiculously long to get my chair, so fuck them. Tomorrow is my birthday. Cue people making bad jokes on Facebook. No, I am not liking every single post, i actually have better things to do with my life. I used to post birthday messages. I stopped for no apparent reason and I can't really be fucked doing it again. Unless I want to fuck the wall administrator. But thanks for the birthday messages! I love you all! No that's not true. I love some of you. I love myself.

I hate the Olympics. Two soaps are taking a break. Fuck the Olympics. I hate the Olympics. Additionally the Air New Zealand triva quiz are mostly sports. Inconvenient. I hate the Olympics. Fuck the Olympics.

Also why the fuck do people call sportspeople our country's greats? They don't cure cancer or create innovative technology to improve people's lives. Ms Adams for example just throws something, that is inherently useless. If you want to celebrate sport, fine, I vigorously disagree with you but you can celebrate any pointless thing you want. However people that invent things and improve society should be celebrated in the same way.

Saturday I am going to a Selena Gomez concert. Spent the day with ear phones and speed listening to YouTube. Did something else for my birthday and also enjoyed that.

Concert was OK apart from the first warm up act being cut short due to a malfunction. Funny but did feel bad for the band. I also think that OSD should be a thing: Obsessive Selfie Disorder.
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Work, moving

It's Saturday, worked today to take 3 days off next week. Just started to implement virtual reality in my tourism software. A virtual map is practically done, I'll try to sell to galleries, museums soon. I then should launch my word prediction software, and finally eye tracking software. I also plan on creating a small shareware site to release small pieces of software I have created for myself, finishing off the first now; it's an image projection application.

I might take some time off to learn how to mix music and try to release DJ mixes. However I'll wait until I have some products selling. I have also started a web based gaming platform, was also on my to do list. However the industry appears to have died recently. Perhaps it's strictly work for when I don't want to do anything else.

I am moving into my own place soon. Temporarily until my finances are stable enough to go to Auckland. I haven't planned two birthdays including the one next week. I'll probably have a house warming at some stage. YOU ARE ALL INVITED! No actually only people I like are invited, the rest can fuck off. Temporarily moving is a massive pain in the ass frankly, fucking inconvenient. However I am looking forward to arranging things how I like and exploring new technologies such as hooking up lights and disco lights to my computer and being able to flick them on. No idea if there is a cost effective solution but I should totally look into it!
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Commentary, Concert, Party, Speed Listening, Projects

As much as I love political commentary I'm glad that the conventions are over so I have more time for music. The DNC was a bit boring, some great speeches, though not by Hilary, the second half was decent enough though. More on NewsPooze.

It's Friday, went to a concert yesterday night. Decent, not the best though.

Maybe I will work tomorrow instead of Monday. I am going out tonight and can pretty much work sleep deprived. May as well actually enjoy a day off I figure. Cramming blogging in.

Sunday update.

Best part of the party was getting four free jelly shots and some other shots. Music was OK. Lucky I didn't specifically go for eye candy though. #Sorry #NotSorry. I enjoyed getting a ton of free alcohol. I was winning at that party, it was tremendous, it was so tremendous it made my head spin. If you're wondering why Donald Trump has taken over this blog, I'm not sure either. I'll stop. Oh the lift stopped working, I got carryed down two steps to get to another one.

People that follow this blog know that I am training my ears to speed listen so I can absorb audio books much faster. I have good enough retention at 3x normal speed, moving on to 4x. It has taken me quite a while to get here, perhaps I'll be complete with the next phase in six months and then will start listening to books. Currently practicing on TV soaps. I now watch many news commentary shows on YouTube at 2x normal speed. I regularly watch The Young Turks, David Pakman and Secular Talk. I'll probably keep this up at this speed mostly.

I have also decided that my next creative project will be a rap album, possibly comedy, possibly using Microsoft Sam. I still want to eventually do a film screen play but figured I could do this in a shorter amount of time. I may eventually learn how to create DJ mixes but good programs cost money and I am already working on MANY MANY things. When projects die down and I get capital from businesses I'll probably try mixing music. DJ Grumpy Cripple, why the fuck not?
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Computer problems, RNC

Not been a great week, computer kind of erased my primary programming file for my accessibility software. I have another copy but I don't know how damaged it is, I have some backups elsewhere plus could possibly try reverse engineering it. I'd qualify the project as slightly fucked. However I can recover. It's slightly fucked, not fucked, totally fucked or beyond fucked. Don't you love how I qualify things? You don't get this anywhere else. I can finish developing switching next week and fix problems as I come across them. I didn't have a screaming fit, that is actually very bizarre. It really didn't seem a big problem despite inevitably losing some work.

Low productivity week, computer crashed daily and I had to spend time on that. I watched most of the speeches at the Republican National Convention with commentary by TheYoungTurks. The first two days was fucking funny. Learned that I am more productive when I don't have it on the TV but listening in background. Will do that for the DNC next week. Unfortunately it won't be as funny but TheYoungTurks will probably still mock the Clintons. This election has turned into an unpopularity contest. I can't stand both candidates. Trump now wants to be the people's voice. Do you know what? I think that I am fine being non verbal. I would totally vote for Jill Stien if I was in America.

I am using Sunday mostly as a work day so I can have a free day on one of the DNC day. I make my own schedule bitch!
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Projects, Pokemon Go

Finally finished Volume 3 of my book series, sent to publisher along with possible ideas for new book projects. I may do a screen play instead. I was going to do Grumpy Cripple T shirts but may wait until my financial status isn't in the temporarily fucked stage. Regarding software development; a friend is helping creating and modifying devices so I can get the scanning side working. The passion has gone from developing eye tracking software. Maybe getting scanning fully working will assist me in getting my motivation for eye tracking back up. Luckily my other software projects are going well too.

What shit can I make up? Pokemon Go is popular. Go fuck yourself. Go completely waste time looking for things that aren't there. If I wanted to do that I'd attend church! Things like this are why we don't have a mars colony. People are looking for Pokemon, playing with balls (sport) and we have no colony on the moon. Did I say Mars? Details details. An astroid could hit and humanity could be wiped out. So to recap Pokemon Go will be potentially responsible for the end of man kind. Trump may start a worldwide nuclear war. Business tip: If Trump gets elected; invest in a bunker business.if Trump doesn't start nuclear war, lots of people will think he will = steady stream of customers! This is the next big business idea, you're welcome!!!
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Inclusive Education Summit and Wellington

Friday I performed a speech on Inclusive Education for a conference. Honestly I'm glad my writing time is now freed up for other work, I now have to edit my third book then haven't really committed to anything. Still thinking a screen play. I did enjoy writing the speech, it really made me think how absolutely hopeless my educators were, view the speech for more information. Mental reference, 20 minute speeches take four days over a month to do. International conferences will be great to do, but spacing things out is good otherwise I may get a speech writer.

Friday (after the performance) I went to Wellington until Sunday for several meetings. My apartment sucked but at least the internet was free there. I had to turn to fit in the lift. Couldn't sleep Friday so had a double shot of coffee in the morning and a coffee plus a double expresso for lunch. I know the morning was fine. Afternoon, I wasn't required to do much, and that was regrettable as I like actively engaging. I felt the weekend was generally really productive. Had a taxi driver to the airport who was under some grand delusion that he was a comedian. There's a reason why some of us are paid to be funny, and others are not. Oh fuck, I should have whispered "automated vehicles" in his ear when I was leaving. Next time. Am I really that much of a prick? I blog, you decide! He'll probably retire before they replace him, so good for him for being old I guess. Horray for old people. I have completely forgotten my train of thought.

I am limiting my Facebook time, excluding writing days and weekends. Facebook is a distraction, and I really don't like Facebook the majority of the time anyway. I go through phases where I do this. I have pretty much stuck with this for a week. I'm happy about this and this will probably continue. I now watch the majority of videos I watch at 1.5x speed which is a good way to save time. When I move I'll have the noisy computers in another corner of the room so I can hear better.
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Sydney 2016, Radio, Books

Sunday I went to Sydney. I went there to learn about a particular industry I am aspiring to get involved in. People that know me know I have project ADHD, I do lots of different things. This is a terrible way to do a career, but my theory is once I get one up I can get the rest going with the additional resources then I'll be sitting very pretty. I have almost finished a prototype of eye tracking, hopefully calibration will be fully working soon. Except remodelling the software might be necessary as I have noticed some performance issues, but I expect the fixes will be fairly easy.

Monday to Wednesday was course. Saw a friend on Wednesday, also saw someone Tuesday. The internet was a ridiculous $22/day but after the first I noticed there was a $9/two hours so ended up using that, and just used free wifi in the bar Wednesday. The course had free wifi so I mainly used that. I have some additional material to view on a flash drive, then will reduce time on other projects to start and maintain the business.

Whichever idiot decided to have hotel doors that self shut can go fuck themselves. apparently it is for fire regulations but I would be burnt to a crisp if there was an actual fire and I couldn't open the door. So in this case the regulators are fucking idiots.

Thursday I went home. Shit wifi at Sydney airport. It took me half an hour to get online.

Friday I did a radio interview for the Listen! Our Voices Count radio show. It will air on Plains FM July 21 12pm. I talked about accessibility software, and why I do that instead of comedy as my primary career. I have talked about that before, basically it'll be more lucrative and satisfies my need to work in the science and technology field. Like I said project ADHD. I do software, arts and I got training in an entirely different industry in Sydney. Life would be fucking boring if I just did one thing. I need variety. Probably also why I am anti relationship too.

I have been meaning to finish The Teachings of a Grumpy Cripple Volume 3 for two or three months. This is the month. After that I will either work on a disability economy book or create a screenplay for a film. I'll probably do the new book later. Although perhaps I should start with a short film. Although before that I will probably get Grumpy Cripple T shirts to sell, very small project.

Next blog will be a day late, that's an improvement over seven days late, so get off my back! Unless you're a hot guy. In that case move to the front, I can't see you.
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Speed listening, accessibility software, splint


Progress with speed listening, my media player now doesn't make everything high pitched when speeding things up. I am trying to master 3 times normal speaking speed, then eventually 4. Pity that I only fixed the pitch yesterday (Friday) on my media player, makes things much easier.

I also finally got my software communicating with the eye tracker on my portable computer. Progress!

Tuesday I went to the dentist and got a splint because of my grinding. I am happy wearing it, it's not bothersome but getting a more permanent solution might be better.

No blogs will be posted next weekend.
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