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Alexa, write my blog post for me. That's right I don't have Alexa, and it probably wouldn't do it.

I released another song, obviously my marketing strategy sucks as I made zero dollars from the first. I don't know what I am doing, releasing music is just a hobby project. I need to make music videos. Hey Alexa, make music videos for me. I don't have Alexa, fuck.

I am selling merchandise on Amazon, have basically sold fuck all. Though I'm selling double what I expected in the past two months, I guess this is good.

Had no concerts or trips this year, but have about five concerts next.

Facebook went down yesterday. Do you know what? GOOD! It's a stupid site with stupid algorithms and even stupider people. For some reason they won't put me in facebook jail, going there would save a bunch of time. I'm an insulting bitch, why won't they put me in jail. It doesn't make sense. Fuck facebook.
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On social media I've just been relentlessly mocking idiots since lock down and I'm not going to stop. There's nothing else to do. I can't go to concerts due to fucking idiots, especially fucking idiots who run countries. If humans were smarter we'd have eliminated the virus by now. I don't see the evidence that there's a way out of this. I hope I am wrong. Meantime I will poke fun of idiots. Get vaccinated if you can. If you can and don't you're putting others at risk and increasing your chance of dying from Covid. Also if you have a penis you could get erectile dysfunction if you get Covid. I am very glad that I live in Aotearoa where there has been fewer cases!

I was supposed to perform comedy for the EastGate celebration of the Hapai Access Card, I guess that's postponed. It's rare I perform comedy, because I'm a nerd and don't like being around people, that wasn't a joke.

One of my best friends has edited "The Confessions of a Partying Cripple" go and buy it at Amazon. DADDY NEEDS A NEW PAPERCLIP! That's likely all I would be able to afford with the profits. I may do a book about my experiences with comedy. Someone said that the book may not do well if it was just me constantly complaining. Counter point, complaining is kind of what I enjoy doing. And comedians constantly whine about free speech, so eh fuck it. I am not going to hold back if I do it.
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Music, gig, comedians.

Well I released a trance track, which is electronic music for people who don't know. What a fuck around. I got banned by my first distributor, they wouldn't say why, because they're assholes. So I am trying with another distributor but they take 21 days to review. i am not happy, I was thrilled to start releasing music. Hopefully I won't get banned this time. The only bright side is it gives me more time to probably develop my new video creation software.

I went to a trance gig, there was no majorly annoying people. A woman screamed at me, maybe she thought I was going to run into her; I didn't. It was good to go out. I feel like I could have played better tracks, but even so most DJs were enjoyable.

I know I complain about comedy lots but I am starting to really hate comedians. Either they whine about cancel culture or say that I complain too much. I am the grumpy cripple, that's kind of my ENTIRE FUCKING THING. Comedians have got to be the most sensitive fucking snowflakes even, and I am a member of the disability advocacy community. Even disability advocates don't whine and cry as much as comedians. Some get pissy about obvious jokes, some get pissy about honest opinions.. I am done, I REALLY don't want to be referred to as a comedian anymore. Comedy wouldn't fuck me off so much if people refered to me as a programmer, I have spent fucking 20 years programming but did comedy for five minutes. People still only refer to me as a comedian, even after doing fuck all gigs (by choice) for five years. I would like ideas on how best to burn bridges on stage comedy. Feel free to message me.
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random shit, text to video technology

Sometimes I do random shit. Comedy was random shit. Problem was I originally intended to do it very casually and it took over my life for five years and people won't stop referring to me as a comedian. Which is unbelievably annoying, but not relevant to this post.

Writing a partying book was random shit.

Now I am launching a trance and pop parody artist. This is a hobby project and I don't want to be famous. I want to keep my name out of it as much as possible. I'll just release random music and videos. Not ruling out performing to people but I really can't be fucked with fame, maybe I could perform locally. But eh my only goals are releasing music/videos and increasing the visibility of people with disabilities in music videos. I'd need to find some who want to put their faces out there.

Music videos have given me a chance to revive my text to video software, which will enable me to create videos with programming code. I started the system late last year, then got busy with other stuff. I have recently progressed the code and I think it'll be operational in July. I'll release comedy videos too. I have always wanted to do scripted comedy videos. Soon I'll finally be able to do it.
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I launched my EDM interview website. I now own 3 websites in the partying space. 3 more planned. Plus I sell music shirts and a partying book. This isn't my biggest network. Definitely in the top three.

I am going to expand my disability website network too. To my surprise it appears some people have trouble reading websites and they need a font size selection feature. It's baffling that this isn't embedded in phones. But oh well, I can release a free tool and hopefully get free promotion for my network. Why not? I am actually helping people!

I also plan to release completely ridiculous music and music videos. I plan to work with people to do this.

I went to an EDM gig. Um there were two really annoying people there, and I was too sober. Otherwise it was good.

According to some stupid people: people with disabilities are to be called people with access needs. Could these people please fuck off and actually do something useful and not change the fucking terms every three minutes. You're not helping people, all you're doing is verbally farting and blowing it everywhere so people can't focus on actual issues. Me? I build accessibility tools. You? You change language and people with disabilities hate the fucking stupid language you make up anyway. Fuck you, you're useless.
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I went to a drum and bass gig. People are fucking weird. Here's a tip: if you ask me every two minutes if I am having fun, I am probably not as you're being fucking annoying. Someone called me his hero, I thought get a grip!

Something always bad happens when I go to Wellington. This time on a day trip I couldn't land back in Christchurch so I had to stay overnight. I couldn't get a taxi to the accommodation so I had to travel via foot path. It was a Saturday night. People in wheelchairs should be able to get taxis on a Saturday night. We're second class citizens.

People say "It's good to see you out and about". Well fuck you! Perhaps more people with disabilities would go out if society wasn't so fucking inaccessible! Buildings are inaccessible, taxis are impossible to get, clubbing assistants are flakey. Oh, but people say I am an inspiration. Please fuck off!

On another note I've been meaning to fix up so it ranks in the search engines. I have no idea when I am going to get to it. My DJ interview website should launch in a few days. Then I have a few other projects to do. Maybe I can start on in August.

I finally have a new phone after 12 years. It has shit accessibility. Maybe I can do things to improve accessibility. I can finally go on Grindr. But what is the point? On NZDating the only people wanting to have sex were undesirable. I deleted my account, waste of fucking time. I'll probably go on Grindr then delete my account a few days after.
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Synthphony, communication software, projects

I went to Synthphony 2020. Too much house, not enough trance. House music bores me for the most part. It was a good event though. I didn't like how "I Need A Miracle" was performed, too slow. People weren't too annoying apart from a guy who kissed the behind of the forehead. What the fuck? He obviously wasn't hot otherwise I wouldn't be complaining. Some guy called me his "hero for being here", people need to get a fucking grip.

I used my own communication software for the first time. Predictive text didn't work, hopefully I'll fix that next week. I need to sort out saving documents so I can do blogs away from home. My old device is dying but things should be running smoothly soon.

I am hoping the Artificial Intelligence company I'm involved with won't take up as much time as initially thought. My next big project will be text to video software so I can use text to easily create videos. I don't expect it to be running for six months at least. This will make it easier for me to release comedy videos. The videos will probably look like shit, but oh well that's part of the fun. Before that I plan to launch a DJ interview website, I am launching other stuff too.
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Projects, Electric Avenue 2021

As stated last year I joined a charity board. I also own a tiny part of a comedy club here in Christchurch. I have also accepted an unpaid position interviewing TV celebrities. I like interviewing celebrities. It's a temporary arrangement. I'll launch my own interview website in time. For now I am too busy and it's good to utilize an existing brand. I am working on launching some new low maintenance websites, the first is up.

I stopped work on my fiction books for now. Fell out of the habit of writing a little bit each night. Finding a cover model went nowhere. I'll continue the writing eventually. I did write a small production and submitted it to a studio. I did it not knowing if they accept writers. It's also not something I can discuss publicly. As for my comedy productions I'll focus on scripted comedy productions after an artificial intelligence company up. Even though I got bored of the project and currently launching some new websites. I still need to make myself available to the AI company, hopefully not for too much longer.

Oh I went to Electric Avenue. I decided it was better to go later as I don't like leaving my computer. Sad but true. Saw Benny, P Money. I didn't see Scribe, I wish that I had but I was enjoying the DnB tent too much. A woman was dancing with me, it didn't matter how much I was purposely ignoring her, she was dancing with me. Also people really need to stop fucking asking me if I am OK, it's just annoying. Unless I'm screaming just assume I'm fine. I was ment to go to another festival but I am a nerd, I really like avoiding going out if I can help it. It's a struggle to go to meetings endlessly.
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Spending my spare time on mostly one project is really annoying. I want to do other stuff but I can't. Hopefully I can get the project up this month and move on. I need to get back to more passion projects.

In work time I have doubted the amount that I am spending developing windows accessibility software. I need the solution up soon as my hard drive on my old portable computer is dying. Maybe the first prototype will be up next month.

I have three music festivals coming up. I may wear gloves for people to fist bump, because of covid etc. A mask might be overkill but I don't know. I was fist bumping people every two minutes last time.

Nothing much is happening. I keep getting annoyed by having to answer emails and meet with people about my disability care. For fuck sake I'm a workahollic, I don't want to spend time discussing equipment etc. Having a disability is a burden, sorry but it is. It's made worse by fucking endless meetings about equipment and inaccessibility of society. Fuck sake.
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Well 2020 sucked for me, but not solely because of covid. If it was just Covid the year would still have sucked, but not as much. Covid also had significant upsides for me, let's say I took advantage of some things and I am in a better position than I was before Covid. Not traveling sucked. I am fearful that the vaccine won't solve the problem but am holding out hope that it will. What sucked for me was some of my online accounts got shut down. The payment processor issue was my own fault; eventually I may just delegate payment processing to other people but I see no urgent need. The other account getting shut down was probably my fault too. However because of this I tried some alternative business models, it isn't working out and maybe I should quit. However I'll reconsider quitting in a few months.

I also joined a charity board and am now on the board of an artificial intelligence company, if the latter pays off I have some big plans! I'll invest half of the money though. Maybe I can invest much of the other half in a gay club and other vanity businesses. I also wrote a book this year, had fuck all sales. I'm not entirely clear if I will bother with comedy books. I am just writing erotica for now, this is kind of a hobby side business. I can't find a cover model. I am still tweaking the first manuscript. Maybe I can launch the first book in March. I am not planning to expose my pen names on personal profiles but will tell some close friends. I also plan on developing a text to video system so I can create videos with computer coding. I may do other ideas but it's not worth putting out there in case I don't do them. All the stuff I mentioned I'm definitely going to do.

Oh my computer almost died which would have been an utter fucking disaster. Nobody responded to my facebook post about it, apparently I have useless friends. I mean really! It was a fucking emergency and nobody responded. Luckily I did get help. So thanks to the guy who helped. Facebook proved again to be fucking useless.

I'm going to write more negative blog posts this year. Being negative is my source of fun. Fuck knows I can't travel any time soon, I have to do something to entertain myself. Positively is boring and many people just fake it anyway.
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