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Interact Arts Festival 2016

Tuesday I went to Auckland, why the fuck do I have to wait for an explosive sniffing dog every fucking time I go? If I was going to bomb something I would have done it by now. Other airports don't do this. Stupid fucking policy. The internet fucking sucks in the apartment, I hate fucking ridiculous internet; it is an essential tool so you would think that would be reliable.

Tuesday I am at the Interact Arts Festival, performing comedy tomorrow. I really hope they are expecting a family friendly show; I don't really do that. Guess I will find out.

Thursday I performed at Interact Arts Festival. There was a smoke machine. I enjoyed that while performing. Couldn't see my audience but heard laughter.

Friday I went home.

I have thought of a great new feature for my communication software. When I have no text loaded I could have placeholder text saying something like DON'T READ SCREENS WITHOUT ASKING to prevent people from doing so. Rude!

Saturday I went out for lunch, inconvenient.
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Comedy, music, plans, Trump

Sunday I performed comedy; perhaps I could have chosen a better set. Still got some laughs.

I must say I'm getting better at creating graphics for websites. I am learning new techniques. Useful if you're too cheap to pay designers, and I am. Although having fuck all income from websites is also a big factor. My current project is creating a music gig listing site, which was my ambition three years ago, but got side tracked with comedy. I've been working on the backend software on and off for two years; doing a site for Christchurch Comedy also helped. I'll get the new site up running within a month with any luck.

I have suddenly decided since I hate being a fame whore (no offense to regular whores) I'll probably just see about releasing music through other people; managing a band etc. Either that or just buy a club when I am rich from technology. Possibly both. Yeah, in case you haven't noticed, I don't actually have a direction in my life. I pretty much think of shit and do it. Keeps life interesting. Also it's a good idea to form projects around your interests. Although other people are better off being financially stable and having one interest project. I have about ten significant business and interest projects and hoping my best years are just around the corner.

Normal people aim to start a family, I'm too cheap and selfish to do that LOL. I would rather work on things that interest me and travel the world when I am successful. I have already done some traveling with comedy some having project ADHD is not a bad thing. Life continues to be interesting, soon I'll launch several major ecommerce and accessibility software projects. Hopefully a new stage of life will begin.

I just encountered a Trump supporter that claims Hillary is mentally defective. Seriously? Please do not make that argument if you're supporting Trump. You're in the glassyest of glass glass houses. It's like me complaining someone is too crippled for using a cane. I find Hillary Clinton somewhat delusional. I also find Donald Trump to be utterly batshit crazy who doesn't rule out nuking Europe, who would bring back torture "even if it doesn't work", who has self destructive tendencies (6 bankruptcies), who can't run casinos without bankrupting them, who is braindead on 90% of issues, who appears to randomly grope and/or kiss women without their consent, who is desperate to appear rich and successful at any cost even the presidency. The somewhat delusional one sounds OK in comparison. Emotional attachment to a political party or candidate rots brain cells. Trump and Clinton supporters are evidence of this. If you think that Trump is competent there's something very very wrong with you. Ditto if you think Clinton is not a corporatist war hawk. You're both detached from reality; especially Trump supporters. What the fuck is wrong with Trump supporters?
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Half Holidays, reducing shows

First week of half holidays, other stuff keeps coming up interrupting my break. Pain in the ass frankly but that is just life. I do have more time for spare time projects so I am happy.

Forgot to apply for Billy T for 2017. Kind of annoyed, but at the same time I'm probably too busy programming for a Comedy Festival show for next year. In 2018 I'll either enter having moved to Auckland, or just focus on creating technology and travel with that. I haven't decided. I like creating technology much better, so gotta follow my passion instead of doing something just because other people are fans of my stuff. It's also possible that I can find other outlets for comedy like screen productions or animations. I am a thinker, not a fame whore. So if I can do comedy without the fame, that sounds perfect. I think I have made my decision. Explore other avenues for comedy, and perhaps do irregular stage shows only if super convenient if at all. If I travel with software I'll probably retire stage shows, sorry folks. Honestly I like creating jokes for myself more than anything, it just so happens "many many" people find me hilarious. Perhaps continuing on with this approach is best. I also don't dislike being on stage per se. I have concluded that maintaining stage shows just for the travel perks isn't going to be worth it; you need a significant public profile to travel with comedy. I can probably do traveling better with other businesses. I only intended to do comedy once, but got dragged into this, and that. If I constantly need to be dragged into something; it's probably isn't for me. Time to stopped being dragged and focus on what I am truly passionate about; technology. Again, I actually like performing in the moment, but I would rather have a successful software company or three and do comedy on my terms. I am a nerd, not a fame whore.

So with peace and love, I love my fans. But I am probably not going to continue stage shows as of next year. If you try to talk me out of it just because you're a fan of my comedy that will probably result in abuse, I am saying this with peaceand love.
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Ellie Goulding, projects, local politics

Normal sleeping patterns in the past week.

Thursday I saw Ellie Goulding for the second time, mostly because I had a shit experience last time due to a guy annoying me, he was leaning on my tray and even shifted my hand so he could do so, this was at my assigned seats. Fucked me off. I had a better time, but found a specific staff member anal retentive at enforcing the seating rules. They didn't let me in the General Admissions area; this wasn't a problem at Vector Arena. I was going to make sure to request a general admission ticket but forgot, my fault. I'll make sure to do this at future concerts. Still, they could have been flexible instead of anal retentive. I hate the segregated seats. I was a Grumpy Cripple for a while, then songs I liked came on, then enjoyed myself.

My half holidays start tomorrow for two months. Theoretically I could allow myself 3 months but perhaps I'll move one month to next year. I have quite a few spare time projects including testing social media automation, working out how to do push notifications. Technically counts as work but eh I don't have anything better to do. I am going to do various music projects including trying to do DJ mixes and getting a music website going. Social media automation and push notifications ties into the website side. I have other projects, some I will save until next batch of half holidays. As for regular work, maybe I'll try pushing my tourism software hard in November ready for the Christmas season.

A plus of social media automation; I can post on facebook without going on the facebook website. I don't actually like facebook but it's not terribly viable to deactivate my account. I could also do scheduling, useful to maintain pages like Grumpy Cripple and possible promotion of products and events. I need to move my website backends to the 21st century. That quote probably has no relevance considering facebook didn't exist until 2007 and ecommerce was not as big in the early 2000's. I'm going to modernized my backends; then sell them. Can you read the word backends without thinking of the word ass? If you haven't previously thought of this, you are now.

People have been mentioning me in relation to a person running for Dunedin Council with Cerebral Palsy. I have not looked into this, primarily because I have little to no interest in the lives of individual people with disabilities. Well you don't care about every person in your race or gender do you? At the same time it's wrong to assume a person cannot do the job without actual proof. Off the top of my head I cannot think of a reason why a person with Cerebral Palsy cannot be a councillor. The opposing councillor was probably just talking out of their ass. If I was the candidate I would ask can such an ignorant person adequately represent the people? What other ignorant, snap judgments has the councillor made and how has it affected their voting? This is not the 1950s, would he prefer people with disabilities be hidden away? I should be a political strategist. I'd do much better than whatever morons Clinton has.

I considered running for DHB but everyone knows I have project ADHD, and I like it that way; I like doing whatever project I want. I'd be bored to death if I went for councillor or parliament. I believe that I can be more innovative in the private sector; creating technology, doing lobbying. Although you need to be more established for effective lobbying strategies and have to be selective, I'm not at that stage yet, soon will be.
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Sleeping, Projects, Holidays

I will just rant about conservatives this week. They are currently offended that sportspeople aren't standing up for national anthems. On the one hand it's technically part of their job, I think? Even if it is, it is not critical. This is yet another example of how conservatives that claim for be for FREEDOM are actually not. They also get pissy when you say happy holidays instead of merry christmas. They are whiney little bitches who simultaneously accuse the left of being politically correct when we complain about racism and homophobia. In reality it's they who complain frequently if you're not adequately conforming to their ideology. if you don't do national pride in the right way or supporting the troops in the right way. Apparently it does not occur to conservatives that troops fighting for a free country means we can do whatever the fuck we want. I'm no hypocrite; if you're a racist asshole I don't really care. Feel free to come out and say it because it eliminates the desire for me to spend time with you. Unlike the authoritarian left; I actually want to know who the assholes in society are so I can educate them or counter their bullshit, if possible.

The anthem protests was about Black Lives Matter; black people getting killed by police at a much higher rate than whites. To be super clear about the context unarmed black men are over 10 times more likely to be killed by police than white individuals. This is a problem. Police need to be trained better so unnecessary deaths do not occur. Other countries have much lower statistics, also fewer civilian guns overall, this is not a coincidence. Conservatives saying All Lives Matter in response are idiots that do not or do not want to understand the problem. Of course all lives matter but it's mainly the black people who are being killed at a much higher rate in proportion to the population.
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Projects, My readers are smart, Facebook satire

I am creating event listing software to launch a concert listing site and sell the software. I keep adding features, which is not a bad thing but it is taking quite some time. I've also added multi language features to my tourism accessibility software, probably will do the same with some of my other software.

Surprise surprise I asked what everyone thought of my idea for screen projects and nobody bothered to answer. Asking questions here is like talking to myself, and talking to myself is the only way I am guaranteed to get intelligent conversation. Not that my blog readers aren't smart, I am sure most of you are, probably not as smart as me, or egotistical. Did I mention incredibly sexy? I have completely forgotten my point. I probably didn't have one, that explains why I had forgotten it.

Yeah I am mostly typing random crap that I think is funny, I don't care if you don't think I am funny. Fuck off and read something else then.

I now don't have to go out weekly; the inconveniences will be random from now on.

I made a satirical page on facebook, Cripples For Donald TRUMP. Also please like my other one God Hates Wheelchairs even though that's reasonably inactive.
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Open home, Short Films, Projects

So seems I have to go out weekly because of the open homes happening, pain in the ass frankly. Last time I just worked on an open letter. This time, probably a blog.

I have started writing a short film but have decided films are incredibly difficult and expensive to make so I won't be doing that long term. Maybe a few. I am also thinking that animation could be viable instead of shooting after the initial few. I'll see how I go. Perhaps one short animated film a year could be a good goal depending on time it takes. If I am incredibly lazy, and I probably am, I can just make a few sets and do a TV show, or something. The animation doesn't necessarily have to be advanced. Even satirical interviews might be a good option, especially to start. A fake news show with fictional politicians and celebrities, that might be viable. Just throwing ideas out there. Let me know what you think. I will probably do other stuff in combination. Learning how to do a screenplay was a good experience.

After writing my first short film I plan to work on music projects like comedy raps and DJ mixes. Perhaps I'll try mixing in October as I do half days in place of proper holidays. Taking proper time off is not viable this year so going to do two months of half days. This keeps projects going and gains some more time for time off and/or spare time projects. Though I can't seem to stop programming on weekends. So I'll inevitably use most of my holidays on spare time projects. Hopefully take more of a holiday next year with a free international flight with airpoints. Unfortunately I have to pay for a carer but hopefully my accessibility software business will be going by then.
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Comedy, Art

Thursday I performed a Donald Trump themed set, it took half a day to prepare, that was after writing most of it. I enjoyed it and recently thinking that maybe I will do more comedy, but considering it takes hours and hours, it's probably best to stick to paid gigs unless I really want to hammer a subject like Donald Trump. I never refuse paid gigs, but also never get offered paid gigs. I don't know why, I am hilarious. Perhaps I should get an agent. Already tried that though; never got off the ground because they don't fucking reply. Can I just say how much I hate people who don't reply to emails? It takes me ten minutes to type an email, the very least you can do is reply saying no thanks. Spend ten fucking seconds doing that. I would call you, but I can't fucking talk. I am additionally amazed by people who are literally too stupid to communicate clearly by email. Actually fuck agents, I will just get a personal assistant when I can afford one to help with my accessibility software business too.

I was recently at an art auction, people were paying hundreds of dollars for art. People that know me know that I pretty much hate art and paintings. Though I am fine with comedy, music and theatre. (I don't go to theatre shows, but whatevs, free country) I have decided that I will start putting pictures up. Fuck paintings that cost thousands, I can just print off pictures from the internet! I would like one of Mount Cook and a particular tower in China, I think that I can get a picture of the tower when I was present at the scene. Fuck buying art, why the fuck would I do that? My idea is better! Not for an investment standpoint but there's more productive things to invest in.
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Communication device, Trump, TV news

Have I ever mentioned my communication device is a piece of shit? Yes. Well I will mention it again, it's a piece of shit, fuck my communication device. I spent two hours preparing to chair a meeting and the text to speech function decided not to work. It's still not working. No idea why, oh yeah it's a piece of shit!

I perform fuck all nowadays but I am performing Thursday at Jane's Bar solely to make fun of Donald Trump. Why? Because I can! Donald Trump bashing has become my new hobby. Then again everybody does it and I am kind of sick of mentioning Donald Trump. On the other hand if anybody deserves a comedy set devoted to him it's Donald Trump. I don't find Donald Trump scary, I find people that seriously want him to be president scary. Take away the racism angle, he's a fuck up, he's a tremendous fuck up. He bankrupted casinos! He started a mortgage company just before the housing crash. Let's put someone with that kind of judgment in charge of the most powerful military in the world SAID NO RATIONAL PERSON EVER! If you're a supporter at best you're ignorant, at worst you're a fucking moron or crazy. I hate Hillary Clinton too, but I put her at 2% of setting off a nuclear weapon. Donald Trump is at least 10%. We can't have Trump as US president. Hillary Clinton will probably fuck things up, Donald Trump will definitely fuck things up much more. That being said I'd still vote for Jill Stien, do as I say, not as I hypothetically would do. If he does get in I'd die from laughter, or alternatively nuclear war, whichever comes first. Donald Trump would be George W Bush on steroids. The real question is what wouldn't Donald Trump fuck up in government?

If I seem oddly obsessed with US politics that's because I watch no local news, I mainly watch US based internet shows. If we have any equivalent progressive shows do let me know. Maybe I can start speed listening to the local news once I've properly mastered listening to things 4x normal speed. Local news is awful though, bland boring humourless drones that do not adequately analyze issues. I don't see any reason to bother, it would just give me more things to get pissed off about, I have quite enough.
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This week, Olympics, Tourism software

Busy week, nothing exciting. Meeting Monday, dentist Wednesday. I thought I would be clever and take my computer in to get fixed to save a call out. Unfortunately my computer to TV connection stopped working and I needed a call out. On the bright side I have changed the connection method and reading text on the TV is now clearer. My computer still appears to be randomly freezing, not good!

I watched some of the Olympics at the dentist office. I was actually impressed! Well by the first female gymnist. Turns out there's only so many women doing back flips you can watch before it gets really boring. That number is one.

I plan to finish tourism software this month and work slower on adding virtual reality capabilities to it. Reason is there's actually several different APIs and I have other projects to do. Perhaps I'll be done with virtual reality integration by November.
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