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U2, Shawn Mendes

Friday I went to U2, Mt Smart Stadium staff are a bit paranoid frankly. They asked me to stop driving completely unnecessarily when I was already going somewhere. My view was fairly good from a segregated seat. I enjoyed Noel Gallagher. U2 were good.

Saturday I went to Shawn Mendes. I almost didn't go because of all of the screaming girls at these things but when U2 was playing I thought that it was more economical to go to both. I could better justify going because of economies of scale. Nobody took me to my seat and didn't know where it was so I just went on the floor up the front. I had no idea if I was supposed to be there but nobody complained. I was a bit off to the side but it wasn't crowded. Shawn saw me and gave me a peace sign, then patted me on the arm later. He came up to me twice. It was more fun than being at home. I wish I had video, but got a guitar pick, I don't know if it was Shawn's. I also forgot that I specifically wanted to be upstairs for this concert, to avoid crazy girls, sometimes my memory sucks, oh well, it worked out great!

I enjoyed Shawn's concert more because I was at the front and he came up to me, I also like collecting things from concerts.

Not having video is a fucking bitch but maybe I can look back on these blogs, and laugh at my own jokes. I say if you don't laugh at your own jokes you probably aren't funny!

Sunday I am at the airport for about four hours, just writing blogs, can't be fucked with WiFi. Was on WiFi at hotel but couldn't be bothered with Email or Facebook, that was pretty much off the grid when it comes to me, OK? Wrote most of some starter articles for a new partying product site I'm developing. Hopefully that's vague enough so fuckers don't steal my idea.
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Arts Access Awards, business

I don't know why I continue these blogs. I am busy and really can't be fucked. So talking about myself is burdensome. I am not a fucking narcissist hahaha.

Last month I hosted the Arts Access Awards; it was the best event I've hosted all year; it also was only event I hosted all year. However seriously it was a top event of my performing life, well I can't really call it a career. I totally can do corporate gigs. Not that I have any plans to do so. Performing is a skill in my back pocket in case everything goes to shit.

And everything is going to shit, I am not happy with my lack of financial success, I haven't been for the past 5 years. I am not happy that I haven't sorted eye tracking yet. I am happy with the websites I've created, I've just got to make them profitable. I still believe that I'm going in the right direction. However I don't feel successful, at least financially.

I have done so much in my life like performing overseas, performing in Parliament, wrote a book series, done speeches in Universities, appeared in a music video, went to like a billion concerts, danced with Anastacia. I've done things I don't wish to take credit for, I know you're shocked. I've made thousands of people laughed. Have I lead a great life? Sure. Do I feel successful? Not really. However life can always be tweaked. I believe that I can be successful.

I am successful in some ways. However I can do better. Some of my problems are self inflicted.
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Whining comedians

This month I'm randomly ranting about comedians. I am sick of their whining about political correctness. Good comedy in my opinion courage but comedians whining about people not liking their jokes is not courageous, it's pathetic.

Every industry has to adapt, why would comedy be different? You cannot make fun of the same minorities you could 20 years ago, and that's probably a good thing. If you do and you get booed or blacklisted that's on you.

Smart comedians will just adapt.

I'm not the biggest fan of gate keepers and some probably go too far. If you don't want to deal with them you could put on your own shows and/or start your own open mic.

Take the initiative instead of whining. If there's a market for your stuff you will succeed if not sorry people don't have to embrace your humour.

If you make fun of the powerful this wouldn't be so much of a problem. If you do the opposite then yes you're going to get shit.

You CAN control your jokes, you CANNOT control people's reaction to them. Instead of complaining endlessly why don't you modify your act?

If you're a rich comedian and complain, fuck you! I give no shits about you. You have enough of a following to do your own thing.

I have millions of dollars and annoyed people don't like my joke about transgendered people. Yes, fuck you!

If you're a poorer comedian, you just have to deal with modern society's expectations. It doesn't have to be a negative, try new things, refine. Perhaps you'll hit gold!

If you really don't like today's culture by all means find a way to develop your own following. I don't care.

Comedy regularly offends people and that's ok. Comedians should push boundaries but there's possible risks of doing so.

If you want a safe space to tell jokes, there's nothing stopping you from creating one.

Also some may consider me a whining (ex) comedian about other things, oh well. You're right and I don't care. However rich comedians complaining about audiences does genuinely fuck me off!
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Wellington, content sites, Rich rant

Went to Wellington for a meeting. Stayed at a hotel with crappy access. There was steps to the bathroom. Serious what the fuck? Meeting was scheduled when an international rugby match was on, that was probably a bad idea.

I have noticed that I like building content sites more than programming. I always seem to work extra on my content days. I am focusing on 3-4 industries, which frankly is a cut-down for me.

To people who insist you have to do one thing to be successful.
Steve Jobs wasn't really successful until he did iPhones, iTunes. He didn't just do Macs.
Amazon didn't make a profit for years and years and the company now has defense contracts, cloud services, wholefoods. It is not just one thing.
Richard Branson had multiple things.
Rich people are also rich largely because they're tight asses and do a lot of investing. Many rich people are complete cheapskates. I know this from YouTube videos and dating a guy from a wealthy family. It's not really to do with doing one thing and getting good at it, it's more financial strategy. There's a reason why half of lottery winners go broke.

Even if most rich people do one thing, they have other investments too.

While I'm not great at sticking to one thing, I've done some stuff for years and sooner or later some will be successful. I've launched about 6 websites this year and a few more are planned. This is different from previous years where I just did programming. I am getting more sites up and am feeling great. Some sites are small or can be semi automated.
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Honestly I feel disturbed, and not in a good way. Recently I learned that people with disabilities are denied medical care that others get. I read about how beds are inaccessible in Australia so people don't women don't get appropriate examinations. Apparently denial of care happens in NZ but people and articles aren't good at providing credible sources so I have to do more research into this. If you have particular examples please message me. I have discovered other disturbing facts about disability and the medical industry but I don't really feel like typing horrible events here, at least about other people.

This makes me wonder if am I a bad disability advocate. I often wonder the same thing about gay rights, considering I do more disability work.

Perhaps blaming yourself for systematic issues is a bit narcissistic. I also don't like to refer to myself as a advocate frankly. However it's clear to me that there's critical issues that need resolving and people need to do more and this includes myself.

However I am also happy continuing doing other stuff. It is about balance though, that balance is out of sync currently.

I do view myself best suited to providing strategic advice and delegation. Mainly because I like to focus on multiple things at once. I'll also try to create more disability content for my network of sites.

Perhaps this is self serving however I truly believe that growing a strong network would help the entity advocate in the long run.

NGOs are apolitical mostly and in my opinion they screw themselves by doing this. Political organizations also frankly play it too safe.

I believe that freeing yourself of maximum restrictions is the only way to do anything. Sometimes this means freeing yourselves from the group think in the disability community. However other times it's worthwhile to listen, research and change your mind.
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Broods, Angerfist, Life

Saw Broods again, couldn't understand a word they said but good to have a night out with a friend.

Saw Angerfist, loved it. Took a picture with him. Well he wears a mask so I assume he's a he. I also assume he was actually there and not some random local wearing an Angerfist mask. I'm joking of course!

I launched a music themed website, finally and probably will launch a few more in this area. I probably should just mainly focus on passion niches going forward. Knowing me I will probably just continue doing random shit but that's ok, something will pay off eventually. As long as I am slightly more focused on a few passion niches and getting stuff out there I will be happy.

The good thing about passion niches is you can do what you love as a business. I have always wanted to do concert reviews but unfortunately I do too many things so that hasn't happened yet but hopefully I can sort this eventually.

A problem with traveling for business is you have to take an assistant for a person like me. This adds up over time. Also considering airpoints, I could have gone on a free overseas trip already but of course I'm a cripple so I have to pay for two people. This also fucks me for conferences etc. So I have to do better at earning airpoints and do more to structure business around traveling.

I did get the eye tracking API working with my own accessibility software but I still have to assess how accurate it is and need to sort out a switching system first. Unfortunately I'm having issues.

Aside from that I'm working on something to semi automate Twitter usage and something to check statistics for multiple affiliate programs in one place. Nobody cares but this is my blog so I will write what I like.

I could write about this new guy I am seeing but I am happily single so can't do that. Normal people also talk about their offspring, don't have those and I am thankful, and I would probably make a disastrous dad. I get sick of people if I spend too much time with them. People post about their pets. I wanted a new dog but said to myself they cost money.

People regard me as cheap but really I just know how to hyper focus my spending on things that make me happy. I have to pay double for airfares anyway so yes I'm going to be even cheaper. Plus there's lost productivity since I operate the computer slowly. I need to get better about investing so money works for me. The same goes for websites, I really need to make them work for me better.
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Software and music projects

Currently frustrated, am coding too much, need to get more things up. Though have launched about 4 sites this year and have a few more coming up. I should have more fun which is not related to getting sites up, I am super busy and need to have more fun.

I deeply regret not using OpenCV for eye tracking development, I probably could have completed that years ago. I'll probably revisit it soon.

I badly need a new computer, but accessibility software sucks so I am forced to create my own. Hopefully that's nearly complete.

I acquired publishing rights to my books. I don't really have time to get that sorted but will anyway. I really wanted to delegate that income stream. On the bright side I'll have an additional asset.

I don't really do anything other than coding and web development. I wish that I could travel more, and go clubbing. Though I can't really be fucked going out, that's half the reason I quit comedy. So I need to connect clubbing to my business somehow. More on this in future blogs.

Comedy was a business, but I primarily liked writing the jokes. I liked performing at the time but I just couldn't get myself to want to do it constantly. I am too use to my own company. Interacting with people can be exhausting and going out can be burdensome if you'd rather spend time writing software. I don't really want to go to concerts nowadays. Though I can't find a decent gig in Auckland. I could have gone to Boyzone, but they suck. Shawn Mendes, I am sick of the screaming fans. I don't want to spend money on someone I've seen before, that rules out half of the music industry. I liked going to Auckland occasionally, but I haven't been motivated to do that recently.

I need a music role that would allow me to dip in and out whenever I want. I have something in mind but can't do it without massive capital.

On a positive note I am slowly phasing in music projects, but I need to create an income stream for these to build that capital. Hopefully this works out.

I have problems with people stealing my ideas, so I could be more reserved about what I give away.

So key focuses for the immediate future is getting self publishing sorted, getting one or two music sites going and fine tuning technology to have sites update at least semi automatically. Oh hopefully eye tracking with an API is a few weeks away!
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Wellington, Work, Running as a candidate

OK I haven't done this in a while. You're lucky I am blogging. I have shit to do.

Basically did nothing except went to Wellington last weekend. Fucking booking site didn't pass on the fact I needed an accessible room. Fucking incompetent. My flight home was late. Apparently it's perfectly acceptable to be late if you are in the medical, transport or aviation industry. I have shit to do!

I still haven't wound down programming at work. I may do that soon. I am not inspired to do programming anymore. I want to launch more websites. I am currently doing a site in a passion niche. I am probably going to create a game around the niche, but that would require more programming. Programming isn't really the problem, I am just uninspired to start new projects and like doing content sites. I think I can do a game. I started a game interface seven years ago but never completed it. I have a ton of things like this. I do need to do a map interface. That is going to be fucking long winded, created one before. Oh well, gives me something to work on in my spare time instead of being frustrated because I can't pick something to do.

I currently have two things I do in my spare time. (This is different from regular work time.) SEO research software and a another passion niche. I need to do less of the first because I am neglecting stuff I really want to do.

This doesn't contain much humour but whatever. Someone will only steal my jokes anyway!

Someone recently suggested I run as a candidate, again. People like to connect with people, I cannot talk. I don't see that happening. Also if there are debates I am fucked. I know that I am good, but it's probably impossible for me to create software that I can use to debate. Many people have suggested I run, some were probably being sarcastic. I also frankly like my job, yes I just finished bitching about how bored and uninspired I am. I have complete freedom to go anywhere I want, say anything I want. Especially considering I completely avoid attaching personal brands to businesses. In public life I would probably be asked to apologize every 5 minutes, and be asked to apologize again when I say fuck off I'm not apologizing. I am in the industries I want to be in all because I create sites for those industries. Granted I need to be better at making sites successful instead of constantly programming. Being in office sounds like a nightmare, I do need to improve my life, but that isn't how I would do it.
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Slash, Fatboy Slim, Lilly Allen, Auckland, The Prodigy, Conclusions

Fuck, I have been to so many concerts recently I am having trouble remembering them all.

First, Slash in Auckland. I didn't really want to go but the event with All Saints was cancelled and the flights and accommodation were already booked, the music was OK. The fucking accommodation was going to put us upstairs the first night so we stayed elsewhere the first night. I got back Monday.

Wednesday I went to Fatboy Slim. There was a particularly annoying blond woman trying to hold my hand all night. That's not the way I like to dance. Fuck off! The only way that I could stop her was shoving my hands in my back rest. Another blond was staring at me for some reason. Another woman said that she hoped someone was helping me, well she can fuck off too I am not fucking hopeless. And people wonder why I spend all day on a computer! Despite this it was one of the best concerts I have been to. They let me backstage when Fatboy Slim came on, which looking back has segregation issues but I was just hoping to meet Fatboy Slim, and I did. So that was fucking awesome. He tried to read my board but only got a few letters. Points for trying though. I was given a T shirt too. Excellent!

Friday I went to Auckland again.

I can't see me going to Auckland as much this year. I have been to 50 concerts, there's also nobody coming that I want to see. There's a few in Christchurch I am going to. I have got to go to Wellington twice this year which frankly is worse because I like cities with bigger populations. Wellington is just a hilly version of Christchurch. Some nice buildings though. I mainly go to Wellington because I am obligated to. I'll go to Auckland again when someone decent comes along. I am getting sick of being away from my main computer.

Saturday I went to Lilly Allen. I managed to get in the second row. It was a good view when people weren't in my way. Some guys additionally went in front of me for the last song however the woman beside me told them to go elsewhere. The first act looked like she was in an orange jump suit. Issue was a great concert!

Wednesday I saw The Prodigy, good music. Terrible venue! They fucking segregated me. I have been in hard rock mosh pits before so they can fuck off with their namby pamby conservative discriminatory crap. They restricted my access because I have a disability. Fuck them!

Saturday I went home.

Conclusion: If I want to dance in the crowd perhaps pop music is best. Although I don't really like being around screaming silly fans. Perhaps D&B/house/trance at clubs is a happy medium. I could be a DJ, but hate personal brands, I prefer to stay the background. My dream would be to manage a band and travel around with them. Alternatively own a club. Neither is something I can do until I get major cash flow.

Wrote 5244 words while away. Most was content for websites. Hope that they help with cash flow eventually!
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2019 plans, new years eve

I think that I did fuck all since my last blog entry. Happy 2019 or fuck 2019 depending on your mood. My goals are to continue developing SEO analysis and niche research software and make a fuck ton of money with the results. The first phase is completed but need to improve it and finish the niche research system. I expect this to be ready in a month. I need to spend less time programming and more creating content sites, this is not going terribly well but hopefully I can do this in March. I need computer upgrades, and I want a disco light system for my room eventually. Well that and a wall TV. I was just given a TV and I grateful for that but I have a vision of a few screens me around plus a wall TV, you have to work towards something, right? I'm crap at making money but need to change it this year. I say that every year but late last year I acquired some premium SEO courses and education. Hopefully I can put these to good use and get some capital to invest. I hopefully have just about finished an eye tracking system. It's not the system I originally wanted but will hopefully do for now. I also want to launch Windows programs and do more marketing of my web products. I want to launch a (better) clothing website with funny T shirts. Hopefully I'll get around to launching a music site this year too. I wanted a production company but that will have to wait until capital starts flowing in, whenever the fuck that is. I am crap with making money because I focus on building many types of software instead of getting things out to the world but the SEO software will help me do that. Oh I went out on new years. Fucking chair malfunctioned. This head gear is a piece of shit, needs replacing. First bar I went to it was completely dead in the dance area, everybody was in the smoking area. So went to Mickey Finns. Then went to Rock Pool which was more to my and/or I was piss drunk because I enjoyed it much more. I really don't like bars with cover bands. I find that boring. It's always the same songs that you hear every time.
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Catherine Tate, Meeting, Shania Twain, SEO

I went to Catherine Tate, sometime in the past. It was a very funny show but thought that the Bovvered sketch could have been better. I also thought that the videos in between sketches were a bit shit.

Before that (or after) I went to a disability issues meeting. I like to be as productive as possible so I frequently blog when I am away from my programming computer. Problem was I was blogging about how some people don't go to disability meetings because they think that they are talk fests. I didn't notice that the person taking the meeting was reading my screen. By the way always ask before you do that! If you don't it's your problem as far as I am concerned. Luckily he thought that what I was writing was interesting and shared it with the group. As far as the meeting itself, honestly I don't consider spending time on the history of the New Zealand Disability Strategy a productive use of time. I also question the usefulness of discussing things at a table and leaving 90% of what's discussed there without any action. Well OK, that is not really useful. Sorry! Maybe come up with a different model for meetings.

Tuesday I went to Auckland to see Shania Twain, the concert was Wednesday, I didn't want to come early but it worked out great.

Concert was pretty good. First act was OK. He tried to be funny, keyword tried. People should pay me to write jokes. Shania had good effects.

Thursday I am going home. Probably will post this today.

My move towards doing more SEO is progressing. I am helping top SEOs and in exchange I get to learn from them. So that is cool. Trouble is I do too much programming to focus on ranking stuff in search engines. I'll cut back programming next year and try to focus more on ranking sites. Apparently small sites still work under specific conditions so maybe I will invest in those plus some bigger ones after my own SEO software is running.

90% of the SEO industry really doesn't know what the fuck they're doing. They either build shitty backlinks or think backlinks are the devil. You can rank sites without backlinks but you can do it more effectively with backlinks. I'm not calling people in the Good Content Club idiots, but I think that there are more efficient ways of ranking sites. If some of them make money by ranking the specific types of websites that perform under those conditions, good for them. Some SEOs don't know basic terms for fuck sakes and think that SEO is different than CRO, last decade that may have been correct but that is just an utterly delusional attitude at this point. This industry is full of complete idiots. It's like working in economics or politics!

If you do SEO for me and do shitty backlinks I'll fire you. You can fuck off and do that for people who don't have a clue about SEO. In my opinion shitty backlinks are not entirely worthless depending on the niche but could get your website flagged for review and don't have as much power as high quality backlinks. If people are going to work for me I expect my instructions followed to the letter.
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Dunedin, Taylor Swift,, Sleeping

A few weeks ago I went to Dunedin. I don't particularly like going to small towns but many of the things I attended I enjoyed.

Apparently comedians are meant to enjoy going to small towns. I need high buildings and a large population for a city to be enjoyable. That part of comedy wasn't going to sync with me. Random rant about comedy over. Since leaving stand up comedy I have learned some people perform to make themselves feel better. I however like being cynical. It's the same reason that some people constantly post positive crap on Facebook, they're just trying to cheer themselves up. I am very happy being bitter and don't need to pretend to be something I not. The world is beyond fucked.

Thursday I went to Auckland. The trip pretty much sucked apart from seeing Taylor Swift. It was good to spend more time on business blogs though.

Friday was the concert and it was surprisingly fucking awesome. All three performers were good. (CharliXCX and Broods also performed, though mostly couldn't understand a word the second band said) I particularly liked the light show from Taylor Swift which included lights on people's arm band syncing to the music, it looked awesome.

Replaced my third coffee of the day with hot chocolate, now I don't get insomnia as much even after typing for 6-8 hours. Though spent at least two hours listening to music before bed. Maybe I should test that volume of typing with one hour of music time but probably won't be soon.
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Rants, SEO and Cher

Yes my monthly blog is late, I don't care. I have better things to do than to write about my life most weeks. Shock horror I'm not a narcissist that takes every opportunity to write about himself. You are lucky I bother to post crap on Facebook, or unlucky if you dislike my crap.

My friend requests are back to public. I have hidden my gender and display public "interested in men" to see if I can attract male spam bots. So far, nothing. I suppose that is a better consequence of hiding my gender from public but does say that blackhats have shitty algorthms that do not account for gays.

Conclusion: Received a friend request from a female bot, my theory didn't work. If they get too annoying I'm restricting friend requests again.

Speaking of blackhats. I have decided to focus more on SEO. (search engine optimization) I am not going blackhat but I am beginning to see blackhat SEO as a way to trick Google, experimenting more seems like a fun challenge and I'll probably dabble with it from time to time. I won't do anything illegal. However experimenting is worthwhile, I am just being a computer scientist. I don't really care about what hat I am wearing as long as I don't break any laws.

Most of my stuff will continue to be whitehat. Blackhat stuff is mostly useful for turn and burn stuff which I do not do. However recently I discovered evidence based SEO and that's interesting to me. If I can earn money with these experiments that's also good. I prefer long term assets but turn and burn could be useful for experiments. Just call me a mad computer scientist.

I am also creating SEO tools which I expect to use in a few months.

Last Wednesday I went to Sydney. Had some Jack Daniels samples at Duty Free, because I could. Sydney took a long time to get my wheelchair. Turns out we booked a non wheelchair friendly place, regulations in Australia must be crap. Apparently I had to be upgraded to the Deluxe room. If this is the Deluxe room I would hate to see what their regular rooms look like.

Thursday was the Cher concert. She gets a C for too many Costume Changes. I didn't like the way she performed Strong Enough. She didn't perform some of the songs I liked like You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me and This Is A Song For The Lonely. Definitely a C. Just call me a concert snob. I did stand far for almost the entire time though with my stand up wheelchair.

Friday I am spending most of the day writing blogs.

Saturday I am going home.

On the planes I blogged and watched Westside. The scheduling fucked up and my PVR didn't record half the episodes so it was good to watch it. TV selection otherwise has gone downhill.

Also it's totally fucking stupid having Antarctic scenery on the screens in our NEW ZEALAND national airline. What the fuck?

I probably should make more of a effort to have Grindr when I go to Australia.
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Pink, Bob Dylan, Concert, Business, Idea

It is Wednesday before I post this. I lead an exciting life. Just had some meetings since last time I blogged then going to a Pink concert tonight, second time seeing her. In Auckland. The flight attendant said that he knew how important my computer was to me. I am glad that I have a reputation as a computer geek. That wasn't sarcasm. I am a proud nerd.

Also saw Bob Dylan in Christchurch. My life is exciting comment seems less sarcastic now. For most of the show I couldn't tell where he was. It could have done with some screens. The mic was at the piano and you couldn't see it.

Business wise, still pretty fucked. One site is now receiving Google traffic. I need to get Google traffic on more sites and turn them into true assets. I have started my yearly half day holidays and planning to spend some of my holiday time developing sites. I am a geek with nothing else to do! I have no interest in seeking a partner, well at least not one that requires me to actually spend time with them, beyond the bedroom. I don't currently have someone suitable. So I guess my sites can do with my spare time. Again, total geek. #sorrynotsorry why am I putting hashtags in a blog?

The Pink concert was good. I didn't enjoy her covers, she has of own music. The DJ before her was crap. First band I didn't see much of, and that was fine. Was a bitch not getting General Admission tickets. I moved by the door before her last song but she was flying around the room for it so that was probably a mistake. Sister thought that she sounded better in Sydney. It all still a great concert with awesome effects. Great trip overall.

I almost want to try how the effects would work with stand up comedy. Perhaps once I am crazy rich from websites.
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Projects and speaking

For the past two months I have worked on integrating Print-On-Demand abilities into my event listing software and ecommerce software. Nearly fucking done, took much longer than expected. I can move on soon. Next I need to conquer social media automation, SMS APIs, and advertising APIs. Code for the first two is mostly complete. I should have some great products to use and to sell. I'm a crap seller but have learned some new techniques recently, fingers crossed! Was going to take some time off in August (half days) but I am busy so I can leave it until September, right prick for my spare time projects though.

Monday I spoke at Canterbury University, I love doing speeches. I'm going to turn my speech into an article for my disability site, even though Google still seems to hate that particular site for some reason. I will still try to improve content until things start to rank. I've started doing articles for my event listing software, plus I'm doing content for another set of sites, I am playing the long game. Hmmmm I want it shorter though.

I am going to take three months to do passion projects for half days as my holidays then with any luck I'll generate some income from passion projects to justify spending part time on them.

This may be boring but I don't lead an exciting life so fuck off if you don't like my rants.

Hopefully to FINALLY put my accessibility software to practical use later this month. Apparently I should work on releasing my text to speech queuing system too as some people don't have such software.
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Music video, projects, porn stars, YoutTubers

Another one of these, fuck.

Filmed a music video, not mine obviously. Though I could be a musician but I am not right now. Filming a music video was something on my to do list, was it a new years goal? Probably not, but let's say it was and I achieved it! Horray! Let's just ditch all the other goals because I have achieved fuck all of them. I can always put some back in. So I have achieved my only goal. Yipee! And people say you can't make your own reality! I say as long as you say you're doing it, it's ok!

Projects are dragging on and I want to do more passion projects. Hopefully I can finish off the boring crap in July and I can move on. The projects started off as passion projects but I'm sick of them, I want to move on. I have a bad case of shiny object syndrome but I view it as building things up. Surely more assets are a good thing. However I know what I want to focus on in future, but I need to finish current projects. I am hoping one of these projects will help me increase the profits from my comedy T shirts and that may help my production company. I think long-term.

I am following porn stars on Twitter, should I be admitting this? I don't care anymore. It's interesting, they tweet about how they want a relationship, though I guess that is what people do. Apparently they enjoy their job because they don't have to worry about STDs etc. I was told it was difficult to film but many say it's a good experience. Some have thousands of followers, some have fan accounts that actually seem crazy obsessed, many stars will retweet their fan accounts. I am finding this world fascinating. I am trying to grow a following by being one of the first to reply to pictures etc. Yeah I'll probably stop soon and try a different approach as growth has been slower the last few days.

Unrelated rant. Can't stand YouTubers that say guys, literally or actually every ten seconds. They literally annoy me and it's literally like nails on a blackboard. I was literally told repetition is a bad writing practice. I literally try to not do it anymore. See how fucking annoying it is? I should probably stop clicking on their videos.
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Richard Dawkins, business, sex

Since last blogging I went to a speech by Richard Dawkins, rather boring beginning but it was OK from the middle onwards. He was entertaining but extremely dreary at the beginning. I know he's not a entertainer, well hopefully. Presentation was still good, glad I went.

I follow more business people on YouTube, some appear to be assholes but some are OK. I followed someone because he said he does business to get laid, which I can totally relate but apparently socialism is evil, fuck the government, fuck paying taxes blah blah blah. You get those types in business I guess. Following business people helps you spot their tactics. Like "I am doing a webinar", but it's pre recorded and the person probably isn't doing the chat. What a bunch of crap. why pretend you're live when you're not. I also hate people who delay telling me the price and instead play a sales game. Give me the information or fuck off! I do not buy from people who do that shit.

I also watched a ton of drop shipping videos. Sounds difficult if you need to fuck around with ringing your bank to start, would be OK if you can talk. I'm doing too much to consider drop shipping, I'll stick to programming, print on demand and affiliate programs. Also you can't automate drop shipping, I like automation. Some people use virtual assistants to do it. Maybe I'll dabble in it sometime but getting other projects up is a priority.

I was reading a blog post and it says the disability community needs to talk about sex more. If it would increase the people who are willing to have sex with us I'll be all for it, but I don't think it would. A lot of disability advocacy is saying things in an echo chamber. I have previously written about sex many times and will probably start an anonymous blog at some point. Though for others feel free to write about sex but I am just skeptical how helpful it will be as the programming of society is fucked.
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POD, Business

Since I last blogged I went to P.O.D. and was fucked off that I found out about Simple Plan days before the gig and couldn't plan to go. How was P.O.D.? Music, good, venue staff, good, accessibility, shit, absolute shit. It had stairs and I couldn't go upstairs so sat on an arm chair at the back. What a fucking liberty as nan says, not my nan, a character off Caterine Tate. We were told it was accessible, Emailed the ticketing place who said that it was accessible, didn't hear back. What a fucking liberty. If I had known that I would have gone to Auckland instead of Wellington.

Nothing else to report as far as gigs etc.

In my work I have completed two 1890+ word product descriptions, working on the third. Apparently people like three sentence paragraphs and headlines. Obviously I'm not doing that here, if you can't be fucked reading long paragraphs that's entirely your problem and feel free to fuck off. I am even doing some article writing in spare time projects but most of it is programming. Half my work time is still programming. I am also working on making my sites compatible with mobile screens.

That's all for now.

Actually can I say how much I hate responsive site coding and backwards compatibility? Of course I can, it's my blog. There are no good solutions. I try to make my code as backwards compatible as possible unlike many piece of shit designers. They don't consider people with disabilities that are forced to use old technologies. Fuck them a thousand times. I am probably behaving this way because I collectively spent about a day on a problem and still not sure if the solution works in older browsers but it appears the best I can do. Or I am just an angry bastard, or insomnia, probably a combination. My main blogs aren't completely converted to a responsive design yet. Hopefully next month.
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Me, blogging, Wellington

If you think you know me, you probably don't. Most people assume that they know me because of my few year career as a comedian and these blogs. They only reveal so much. People make assumptions about what they think you are, it's all projection. Sometimes this has positive and negative consequences. Very few people know the real me if anyone at all, one is kind of close (and some people would probably mistakenly think it's them) but the rest of the people reading this probably only know me to a certain degree. I do like being honest but most people don't take an interest, though I also don't like talking to people online. People get their own ideas about who they think you are and go based on that. Even people in the right wing love the fact I'm politically incorrect etc.

One thing you probably don't know is that I used to be very good at getting my websites at the top of Google. Dominating rankings was as easy as buy keyword dot com. For my main business for eight years; I held the top spot. Since then I swapped the business for another business, was probably a mistake. I keep telling people I am a nerd and I like being a businessman so getting my sites on top of Google is important to me.

Things have changed, to be on top of Google you need about 1800 words, though probably less for less competitive terms. My point is maybe it's best for me to reduce my personal blogging in order to do this. Maybe this means just monthly blogs. I'll try to keep my weekly news blogs but I am getting fucking sick of the news recently. It's all what a fucking idiot Orange Buffoon is. At this point if he set off a nuclear bomb well that would least be different than people getting outraged that he is a racist asshole, or his tweets, or his tweets that prove he's a racist asshole. You probably seen I tend to brush off these types of stories, I am sick of this shit. It would also be ideal to pay a person to write articles for the business side but for now I am stuck with myself.

So perhaps this blog is going monthly.

Saturday I am in Wellington, I try not to publicly announce when I am going away these days. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people are not trying to fuck you. No offense to people who like being fucked. And this is the reason I don't like advertising my accomlishments or connecting businesses to my name. I like saying crazy things and feel I can accomplish more from people behind the scenes. Plus there are advantages to people underestimating you, you can surprise them. It is also a good way to remind yourself that you're not a total narcissist and don't need to take credit for things.

Fuck taxis that come 1 and a half hours after you ordered them. I was looking forward to my home computer. It's Sunday. Fuck Christchurch taxi companies, they fucking suck. WHAT A FUCKING LIBERTY!
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Limp Biskit, Music, Dating sites

Monday I went to Limp Biskit. Had insomnia so really wasn't planning to go up the front. However I saw it wasn't crowded at break so probably against my better judgment I thought that I would. You kind of have to dance when you go up the front otherwise people will probably annoy you to get you to dance. Anyway met this girl, she got me further up the front. Limp Bisit even walked by me and gave me a "hell yeah". So that was my second favourite concert experience, even beating the one in LA. I also got a set list, a pick and a pair of drum sticks. Oh and a hat, not entirely sure that it is ethical to keep gifts from drunk people. I don't know for sure he was drunk. So now I have a hat.

I am finally working on my music site again, wait didn't I say a post or two ago that I have no time for music projects? I say a lot of things. I have been wanting to launch a music site for two years. If I don't do it now I'll probably never do it. I'll do it simultaneously with developing marketing automation tools in spare time. I am still progressing the production company but decided that it was a bit pointless working on screenplays if I don't have the capital to produce them. Using that time to launch stores instead. One is already up. I need to get better at marketing, that's why developing marketing automation tools is a key focus. Quiz sites could be something I do, was thinking last night I could combine them with my music site and create post event surveys, I know they're not quizes but very similar.

I was approached by a dating site to partner with a few weeks ago but later found out that they probably use chat bots. In other words they're scamming people by getting fake profiles to talk to them. Yeah, that is not the type of site that I wanted to run. Glad that I declined. Probably will do a site or two using my own software after one or two marketing automation tools are running. Also glad I'm happily single since half the sites are probably scams. Did join a specialized dating site a few years ago (not disability related) I didn't pay anything because I am a cheap bastard, glad I didn't now.
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