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Projects, Stein, ideas, humanity

Perhaps I'll start my half holidays in June to sync with another concert. This pushes my creative projects back to July, can't be helped. Also preparing to start software to semi automate online promoting which is a big goal of mine.

Oh dear, I believe I just discovered the Alex Jones lite of the left and they're nut bars that attack TheYoungTurks for not covering Jil Stien enough. They live in fantasy world that think Stein would have won because of X or Y.

While I'm on the subject I've noticed not all people that defend smart ideas are smart people, some people doing so are not very bright. Smart ideas shouldn't need you to defend them, but if doing so please FFS do it in an intelligent way. I understand the urge to correct people. It's a matter of time, do you really want to spend time on people you assume are wrong? I have better things to do.

People complain that they're old. In my opinion it's not the time you have left but how you spend it. There's no reason why you can't do interesting things when you retire, well unless you have alzheimer's. Apart from that you don't have to travel to make life worthwhile; there's plenty of things you can learn on the web and from there you could do research, even do experiments. Many people see retirement as the end, but it doesn't have to be. You need not let your brain retire and play bridge. The problem with humanity is most people are stuck in repetitive jobs and instead of discovering and innovating. It is accepted by society that most people do work in this fashion. This is absurd. While I'm in tangent mode the progression of science would do better if scientists keep the profits from their inventions instead of selling things to corporations. If profits went to R&D instead of shareholders that would have some ground breaking ramifications. Finally on a similar but different note I was thinking that an Anti Hunger Industrial Complex would be a tremendous idea if done right. I am not sure if that would be workable. Though if organizations give up their million dollar executive salaries and funnel that money to political campaigns instead, that could actually work!
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Green Day 2017

I worked another full week. Surprise surprise. Will probably work until at least Thursday.
Tonight I am going to Green Day. I go to a lot of concerts, very few I am super excited to go to. Been looking forward to this for months.

Green Day was good. At first they wouldn't let me in General Admission but they managed to be convinced. Couldn't get into the first row but 15 meters away, was still awesome. Briefly got further but decided to go back. I got a drum stick. Wouldn't have got that with stupid segregated seating.

Stupid hotel internet won't let me on YouTube. High speed internet but you can do fuck with it.

Home Monday, nothing special happened the rest of the trip. So fuck that, but Green Day was great!
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Schedule, Zucky, Projects

This is posted on Monday because had insomnia Saturday and would rather work when tired than type blogs. I blame typing on Facebook late at night. Fuck Facebook.

Next entry will be posted on Monday too. Worked a few week and Wednesday is going to be my last full day for a month. This really just means I'm going to replace some work time with spare time projects.

Apparently Mark Zuckerburg is going to run for president. Fuck that idea. Another billionaire white guy, no thanks! I constantly complain about American politics, YouTube is the primary reason. I try to avoid TV news, and get my news from YouTube. Unfortunately all I know are American oriented shows. If there was a TheYoungTurks in New Zealand, I'd watch that. The only show I know is some crazy conspiracy show where they think everything is poisoning us and blah blah blah. Earthquakes are caused by a secret US weapon. Cloud Cuckoo Land type stuff. I don't like being limited to US commentary when it comes to YouTube. I don't have time to read blogs. Probably shouldn't have admitted that being a blogger. Well fuck! YouTube I can have in the background. Maybe I can create a Text To Speech application that automatically downloads blogs. Maybe I am fucking busy and should avoid new projects! Maybe I can do that particular project later.

Hehe if Zucky ran the US government the way he runs facebook. You'll get a letter for every stupid response to what you're commenting on (notifications), people would go door to door inviting people to events, you'll be automatically be assigned to groups by people that know you that you'll have to file paperwork to opt out of, they'll distribute funding to NGOs based on likes, the only news you'll get is the news they assume that you want to see,

I was going to blog about rich superhumans and whether it's a utopia or dystopia, maybe another time.

Finally I have a passion for TV writing and music production. I have never done much about them. Although I have been slowly learning music production, and have previously written a screenplay for a short film. I think I will more aggressively go after these after my half holiday. I think that I can devote one day a week to this, plus blogging. Apparently nobody writes for TV full time, in New Zealand so that definitely works. I probably can work on music at my own pace for personal stuff. I can probably cut down programming and delegate business management if necessary. I'll keep programming because I love creating technology but I'll consider a reduction in future, possibly just for periods when I have a significant creative project.
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Bones, Life

Ran out of Bones episodes, not sure what to watch next. This isn't an invitation for suggestions. I have some idea but finding motivation to get it is the problem.

I was going to start my half day holidays May first but decided to postpone until 4th to progress my environmental controls and building navigation projects, it's possible I'll work the full week. Eye tracking project is further delayed; I'd rather make real progress on environmental controls. My main spare time project is creating hotel accessibility software and I'm probably going to do a restaurant version too. Fuck knows why I am doing these in my spare time. I really don't have a life outside of programming. I'm happily single without obligations and that's how I like it. I like the freedom. I can do what I like, do who I like... Except I spend most of the time programming, even outside of work hours. I generally enjoy programming, except the fucking eye tracking project. I also blog and hope to resume creative projects in June. Can't understand loneliness; I am too busy to be lonely! I just need someone to entertain me and leave. I also can't understand cuddling, I find it incredibly boring. Actually I randomly laugh when thoughts pop into my head, which is very strange for the guys I'm with. Again I find cuddling incredibly boring, my mind needs to be doing something. The only exception is winding down at night listening to music and only because I'm practically forced to if I don't want insomnia.
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Comedy, Wellington

Insomia is back, hopefully temporarily. Went out to comedy shows Wednesday and Thursday. Possibly has something to do with trying to type thoughts afterward. Friday I also did some typing before bed. Won't be an issue next week. Also won't be posting my regular NP blog after this is posted.

Saturday I went to Welligton for a meeting. I thought the meeting was two days, was only Sunday! The bad: had two hours sleep, this time got up at 5AM. Also why the fuck don't they serve coffee on early morning flights? The good: had time to prepare and afterwards had an enjoyable evening.

Sunday was a nine hour long meeting. Long but rather enjoyable. Also enjoyed Pizza and chips at the airport before going home.
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Comedy, Facebook, Concert

Wednesday I went to two comedy shows. I got an applause line even though I was not in the shows! I was supposed to see something Thursday but fucked up and turned up at the wrong venue! I am thinking of trying an inprov themed set next; just because I can.

If I haven't already said that I hate Facebook; let me state for the record that I hate Facebook! It's a stupid site. Its latest cluserfuck of a feature is people marking themselves safe after a disaster. Bitch, I don't want to bothered by Facebook asking me if I am safe from an event happening miles away from me. I am busy! If people are interested in my well being they can check my facebook feed; I usually post once every 24 hours at minimum, I am now just Facebooking out random shit at night as I think of them when I am listening to music. I also don't need twenty notifications telling me that my friends are safe when many are nowhere near the affected area. Ridiculous fucking feature. Can anyone really be considered safe with Orange Buffoon randomly bombing things?

Went to Blondie and Cyndi Laupa. Some random woman danced with me. She said \'this is the first dance, not the last", she never came back! Probably drunk. I went to see Cyndi but Blondie had better music to dance to. I was in the far away area I hate so much and they didn't even have big screens on, maybe I need to buy a telescope!

Next blog will be posted on a Monday.
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Watching, projects

Friday: Watched a psychology lecture last night, got insomnia. Won't be doing that again. I will watch lectures in the weekend instead of a bunch of TV episodes. Fiction should be limited for me, why watch the idiot box when you can learn about the world? I don't care if I am out of touch. With humanity today, I don't want to be in touch with. Obviously hot guys excluded. I am fine being very in touch with hot guys. The rest of humanity can continue electing ridiculous people as their leader (including John Key) and continue being outraged at stupid shit on Facebook, has Justine landed yet? I must try to expand my scientific knowledge. I basically only watch 3 TV shows daily, and I watch these at minimum of 1.5X speed, few other soaps at 4X, mainly to check out the guys! I found a bunch of psychology lectures, will work my way through those, then medical and science. Maybe some sort of engineering would be good. I viewed several marketing themed talks at night, didn't caused insomnia. Maybe I was more engaged with psychology. I guess I will just have to listen to music at night to avoid getting insomnia.

Saturday now, decided to start releasing commercial business automation products. Yes, more projects! However finishing off current projects is the priority. At least with business automation products that will help me run the other businesses. I just had an accessibility rating idea, more fucking projects!
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Crazy rant, projects

Random crazy rant time. "Good evening Thane" Fuck off! I don't want Facebook to greet me, ever! I keep hiding the post, it keeps coming back. It's not Facebook's job to greet me, it's Facebook's job to give me random annoying posts! I am going to check the API; perhaps I can do all comments and posts from my own platform. I have made an auto poster for Twitter, just have not gotten around to testing the technology, will do soon, then work on a Facebook version. "Good morning Thane!" Fuck off, you're just a website. Bit arrogant to assume I want a cherry greeting.

The organization in charge of my accommodation transfer have been suspended for six or nine months. Hopefully by then I will have several businesses up and can just arrange decent accommodation myself. I am FINALLY starting to market, although discovered building navigation systems have additional features, so implementing such functionality on mine, then will continue marketing and build a little hotel room service ordering system. Taking a month of half day holidays in May, there's a few spare time projects I want to complete.
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Dentist, Adele

am in Auckland but only have 300MB of data. Fuck this. Adele concert is tomorrow. Apparently it is going to be raining. Fuck that.

Thursday I had a dentist appointment. I am sick of interruptions to programming time. April is not going to be as busy. Still going away and a few meetings. Doesn't look like I have more open homes and apparently I am no longer moving. I didn't want to move to another place in Christchurch. I may as well stay put until I decide when to move to another city.

Speaking of appointments I am creating reminder software to add on to the business software I am creating. My goal is to make a full business management system, to the extent it can be done. Plus I need a reminder system for myself.

Sunday I went home. Adele was good. Definitely in the top half of the concerts I have been to. Possibly top 10. Think Set Fire To The Rain was the song that I most enjoyed dancing to, although I doubt that's scientifically possible as water evaporates. I sound like Bones! The previous week had a better light show.

Sunday I went home. Pleased I was changed to a direct flight!

Yes I said I will be posting this on Monday. That is why I need a reminder system.
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Dentist, Justin Bieber

Wednesday I had dental surgory. Inconvenient. Vomitting and a sleepless night was more inconvenient. Didn't get pain killer, but never needed them. Half the time I have taken Codine I didn't actually need it. It does seem to cure the occasional times when I can't stop swallowing air. So that's technically not phama abuse however I can't say that I care that occasionally I take something I don't really need. I figure it's OK if I only do that kind of thing every few months. Last surgory I only took Codine once, surgory two months ago, four times. I think that is pretty restrant. I really like to minimize frequent pill usage but one occasional to hell with it moment every few months is a possibility. As long as I keep the dosage at recommended levels I can't see the problem.

Saturday I went to Auckland and saw Justin Bieber. Why? I don't fucking know. I can say that the crowds were less unberable than the One Direction concert. They assigned a guy to help look after me, I didn't really need one, but he was a cute Asian, so OK! Didn't refuse. Concert was OK. Lights looked good in the night sky. Surprised how quick getting home was considering I couldn't leave early.

Crappy day Sunday, should have gone home.

Monday I went home. Missed my flight but got on the next one
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Opinions to war

Nothing to write about so I will probably just ramble. I am convinced some people just comment on facebook because they like the sound of their fingers typing on their keyboard. I am bashing Facebook users again, what a surprise. I can't decide whether I want to hear other people's perspectives or not wanting to hear utter bullshit. I generally lean on the side of getting the views of others even if you think the views are moronic. You really don't know which of your friends are away in fantasy land until they post on facebook. I also can't decide whether it's worthwhile to know what people believe. For example if someone posts something completely stupid all that tells me is that person is detached from reality; my life really isn't better for knowing that. Objective facts and evidence are more worthwhile than people's beliefs. Unless you can back up your claims with evidence, I really can't say I am interested. On the other hand if you do not know what people believe you can't challenge them. Example people running away from the US because of Trump, all you're doing is ensuring there's more support for Buffoon. Of course, bounds of reason; Jews shouldn't have stayed and debated Hitler. All signs point to Orange Buffoon being temporary, the battle of his particular ideas can be won, but that is less likely if people leave the debate.

I personally would fuck off if I couldn't win the battle of ideas and if I was in danger because of it. There are people who would want to stay and defend their country, they're admirable. I couldn't even if I wanted to. Putting rocket launchers on my wheelchair is not feasible. Guess I could hack weapons, but I could do that from a tropical beach.

Only I could start at moaning about Facebook users and end up at winning wars with hacking.

The next two blog posts will be posted on Mondays
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Music production, nerd tangents

I missed out on doing two music production lessons this past two weeks, did three lessons tonight. Turns out they pretty much repeated the same content with slight variations. Maybe I will do a 2 hour trance production tutorial after I finish my current batch of lessons.

Friday I had a meeting about mounting eye trackers.

I am suddenly interested in getting a gripper robot or two but that costs money. Probably 1K at least for two. I would be best waiting until I complete my environmental controls and launch some software. Robots could be useful; I could put them to work when I am not using them which would be most of the time. Saw a gripper robot when I caught the start of Big Bang Theory I should totally get one. Apparently the show has been renewed for 13 seasons. Seems people either love or hate it. It isn't must see TV but generally enjoy it on an international flight. Apparently geeks are fucked off because of stereotypes. Going off on a massive tangent. I am a proud geek and nerd, I'd rather be that than a stupid fucker incurious about the world. I don't get the appeal with Star Trek, Star Wars, comics etc. They can fuck off. I am more into crime drama; I need to download more Bones. What the hell happened to the Blacklist on TV3? Falling massively behind the US. Here's the thing about the Blacklist promos, every one of them is like the worst ever event in the series. This is somewhat ineffectual; if everything is the worst, it somewhat loses its impact.
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Expo, Springsteen, Surgery, Electric Avenue

Monday I went to a disability product expo. I mainly looked at standing wheelchairs, hopefully I will be trialing one within three months. I also saw a home automation system, but suddenly decided to build one myself! This has been on my to do list for years but I have never had the motivation to start. Also I have been working on other things such as building navigation, word prediction and PC accessibility software. The first two are very close to commercialization so I can fit in a small home automation project. Another company is ordering the equipment for me, so the process has started.

Tuesday I saw Bruce Springsteen, overrated, sorry! Actually not sorry. I know he's like David Bowie to some people, I assume. And people are just so mental for celebrities. I would have enjoyed the concert much more if each song didn't take ten minutes each with the same bits over and over again. I think that I enjoyed the food more. I think if he did your standard three minute songs the show would have been miles better. The last five songs were decent though.

Wednesday I had dental surgery and need to have more next month, inconvenient, slightly painful so far but hopefully it will be best in the short term. I never get morphine, I want morphine! I should get it as a reward. What is the point of an operation if you can't have some fun? I know health blah blah blah. Give me the morphine!

Saturday I went to the Electric Avenue festival, generally enjoyed it, wasn't drunk enough, then again when you occasionally get insomnia you appreciate having a reliable sleep much more. I kept waking up, but was OK. I forgot how stupid people are. One came up and started blathering and then said there was a bunch of weird people there. I thought "I KNOW", her saying that was really ironic. Headed to the other end. Manage to find another annoying person who kept asking my age, by the end I just said a different number to amuse myself. Ran away from her too. This other fucker was touching my bag, police moved him along. Someone wanted me to point to the letter Q for some reason, idiot! People spelt out my name, as if I didn't know how to spell it. Someone give me a TV show (sitcom) so I can make fun of these idiots.
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Concert, Paralympics, Wildfires

Thursday I went to the B52's and Simple Minds concert, enjoyed both. Never heard of Simple Minds; quite a different type of music than the B52's but pleasantly surprised.

Saturday I went to the Paralympics Open Day. I wanted to enquire about covering them for 2020. Planning to go as disability media. Hopefully by that time I will be rich from technology and can afford to go! I may as well use my disability to travel by building technology and media businesses around it. Of course all disability all the time is not going to be sustainable for my interest. so I have other technology business interests and music projects.

Christchurch has had earthquakes, flooding and now massive wildfires. They're mostly away from the city so that's something. What I am wondering if this will increase in frequency due to global warming and what land changes can be made to counter this? For a city named "Christchurch" it does seem like God's dumping ground. I am an atheist, just making an observation. At minimum there should be an education campaign surrounding cigarettes butts etc.
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Birthday, Sleeping, Orange Buffoon, Comedy

Thursday I went to a birthday, I would rank the place as "Technically Accessible". You practically have to do an obstacle course to get in. I didn't eat. I was on my tablet but engage in conversation.

I have mostly cured my sleeping problem; it's nothing like a month ago. Thinking of nothing throughout the day for a few seconds each helps. Also i listen to the majority of my news commentary shows at twice normal speaking rate in the morning and early afternoon. The downside is I listen to music much less. However I'm learning to create my own music so that's good.

I am in two minds about the Orange Buffoon. On one hand I find him hilarious. On the other, I'm sick of him. It's rare that I open Facebook without seeing a post about him. My YouTube news have half their stories about him. I'll be very glad when this fucker gets impeached or quits.

I have a new idea for comedy that I'm probably going to try but not for months since I need to finish and commercialize some products. In short it's about building a separate comedy brand without human performers.
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Start of Auckland concerts

Friday I went to Auckland for a concert, supposed to be 4 bands but only 3 performed. I saw Liberty X, Atomic Kitten and B Witched. OK view despite being at the back. Atomic Kitten had a member missing so it happy had a fill in,. Technically not what i paid for but I had a great time. After seeing people with disabilities who did not have the ability to dance to music; I was grateful that I had the ability to move and dance. Another thing that was amazing was that I thought of a song earlier in the day that I didn't have in my playlist and it was the first song the DJ played.

Saturday I basically wrote five blogs and fire alarm went off, twice.

Sunday I went home. The internet sucked, I couldn't go on YouTube and apparently it expired today despite having to fill in a long form just to signup, this took an hour. Apparently I can't use the information again, fuck that!
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Projects, Orange Baffoon, People Power, Social Enterprises

Having a three day weekend next week, working today.

I am now able to make a beat with my music production software. Need to learn more skills!

Programming wise I'm making more tools to automatically change programming code itself, it's important to get code up to standard and sometimes you have tens of thousands lines of code so automation is your friend, unless it takes your job.

People are worried that robots will take over. However something has already taken over; they're called corporations. Governments don't listen to regular people anymore, 90% percent of the time they listen to rich and corporations. The invasion is here and began decades ago. The orange baffoon will put this on steroids.

From now on I won't mention the US President by name; the entire point of his campaign was in part to get publicity. I won't feed this unless absolutely necessary. He is the orange baffoon from now on.

I talked last week on NP about people power, there's still some victories here and there. Maybe the answer is to start social enterprises in the big corporation's own fields to counter the corporations; they could even fund or buy politicians. I understand that this wouldn't be easy, and will take some dedicated people and funding to start. This could possibly be a good way people could regain some power.

I have ideas for social enterprises, though not in the way I just described. I am focusing on commercialization of existing products but could possibly start in that area eventually, one idea is fairly simple.
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Music, Sleeping, Debates, Wheelchair, Trump

I purchased music creation software, I have no idea how to use music creation software! I'll learn and learned what some windows do. Unable to make a beat yet. The problem with YouTube tutorials is they don't use the default sounds so I probably need to download some packs in the tutorials. What a fuck around! Having no idea how to do things is not rare for me in work. Nobody taught me how to make websites or create Windows applications. I just did shit until I was successful. I expect music creation will be the same. I have said before I'm keen to produce for others rather than anything else.

Slept OK since Tuesday except Friday night. 4-5 hours instead of 2-1-0 regularly before then. I think thinking of nothing regularly helps, especially in bed. Not having stupid Facebook debates at night also helped.

If I dislike debating, and insulting people stop debates. Theoretically this gives me an incentive to insult people and I can quickly get back to programming instead of wasting time on pointless facebook debates. I don't do this, but there is certainly a perverse incentive there. I tend to avoid debates about Trump; there is no point; either that or I have started saying things just to confuse his supporters, just for my own entertainment really. I really need to avoid Facebook debates all together. I really don't have time to waste on people emotionally attached to their beliefs and can't objectively analyze; that's most people debating politics/religion.

I have started the process to get a new electric wheelchair; I am hoping for one that stands or reclines as changing positions occasionally will be better for my back.

Trump is officially president of the USA. See, I told you 2017 will be worse than 2016
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Posting, Progressive News, Breaks

Posting today because I haven't slept for more than 2 hours since Saturday, slept for about 3-4 hours last night. Trying to think of nothing more. Not initially working, but maybe in time. Can go for longer periods without thinking of of anything.

What's on my mind lately? I am wondering what the psychological impact of getting news from progressive YouTube channels that frequently call people stupid, idiots, losers etc. If the 6PM news did this on a daily basis society would probably behave differently. I'll expand on this on my upcoming psychology blog. Perhaps some aspects of progressive media can be harmful even though they're right on the facts and issues. Calling people stupid is a shit way to reach them, this was my frustration at the NZ left after the 2014 election, some hauled insults and I was thinking if you want people on your side, don't do that!

Recently I've learnt taking breaks during the work day is a good thing. For every 54 minutes you should take 17 off to recharge your brain. I kind of already did this but would work an hour extra, sometimes two to make up time. I'll probably stop doing that, or just work for 8.5 hours instead of 9, there was a period last year which I worked 10. As a future employer the break information is good to know; and what employees do is not a concern, they can do whatever in private if necessary. I have come to the conclusion that many corporations are also stupid. Collectively they pay their workers fuck all which effects their local sales. Some risk their safety which can cost them productivity. Honestly I used to want a more right leaning business manager but if their ideas are stupid and cost me long term profits and employee productivity; their ideas can fuck off. My corporation will not be stupid.
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TV, accessibility software, 2016, sleeping

UKTV is no longer showing New Tricks on weekdays, so I have decided to try and binge watch shows on the weekend. Starting with the last season of House. Next will be the latest seasons of Bones. CSI Cyber looked interesting, but apparently it's a terrible show. Might watch Braindead too, the only other current shows I like are Blacklist and Major Crimes. A few seasons of The Closer might be good to watch, maybe The Practice eventually. Episodes take 30 minutes at 1.5x speed so you can get through a full season in a weekend, one day if you're dedicated; I'm not! I am doing spare time projects while watching, I still don't have a brand name for my event listing software.

I am developing eye tracking software (on and off) though it has occurred to me there could be smaller and more unique accessibility products I can develop. If anyone has ideas I'd love to hear from you. I can do everything from PC accessibility software to building navigation systems.

I also want to do a blog dedicated to psychology and technology starting next month or whenever the fuck I get around to it. I need to resume my disability blogs, just have been busy on building navigation software so blogging has taken a back seat. Technology and psychology are my main interests, politics too but I already regularly blog about that, at least American politics though politics has become a soap opera and more recently an absolute shit show, still fun to blog about.

2016 was a good year, though boring in terms of trips, not drugs, though pretty fucking boring in that regard too. Only went overseas once, and to Australia. But scored, I think. Any trip I score is a good trip; again not drugs! I said I think, six months is too far away to remember random hookups off the top of my head. To the people I've banged, apparently you're not that memorable. Anyway I saw Madonna, Vengaboys, Joanne, Josh Groban, Nelly, and others. Vengaboys sucked. A year shouldn't be valued on how many celebrities died, it should be valued on how much sex you have, or if not that definitely not fucking celebrity deaths. A good indicator for me would be technological advances. I am pleased with my building navigation work and my event listing software, can't wait to market these more.

Only had 30 minutes sleep last night, apparently binge watching is bad when you have insomnia, this is my conclusion anyway. Will do my morning idea instead. Working today and perhaps will have a day off tomorrow, will write a NP blog then too.
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